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This Is Fine

Monuments, as with everything else connected to history, have long been a treasured topic for pro-Kremlin propagandists. While Kremlin ‘masterminds’ want to rewrite history and prepare for a glorious future, the past seems to be catching up with them.

A game of cat and mouse between censors and citizens

The Kremlin has cast a tight net of censorship over Russia, making it extremely difficult for Russian citizens to access factual information. Hacktivists, tech enthusiasts and concerned citizens from around the world continue to creatively circumvent the Kremlin’s propaganda machine and spread facts about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Book review: We are Bellingcat. How a group of volunteers is transforming the interface of the information space and geopolitics.

It’s the Global Elite, Stupid!

This week’s disinformation can be split into three categories: on geopolitics, geopolitical conspiracies and weird conspiracies. Underlying is the idea of a global elite secretly pulling the strings.