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Champions of Violence

A campaign by pro-Kremlin outlets against LGBT+ Pride Week in Tbilisi created fertile ground for violent demonstrations. It amplified anti-Western attitudes, describing the plans for a Pride March as a foreign aggression.

Pouring Derision upon Eurovision

Nationalist Russian website Tsargrad goes full Don Quixote on the Eurovision Song Contests. The contest is, according to the outlet, an instrument for LGBT propaganda, feminism and tolerance – some of the worst things the Tsargrad can imagine.

If You Can’t Shut Down Zoom – Shut Down Zoom

Local police raided St. Petersburg Café Zoom, suspected for violating health regulations. But the proprietor suspects the police confused the café with the on-line video conference platform Zoom in an attempt to stop a LGBTI-festival.

Gazprom TV Attacks the LGBT Community

“Gays from the whole world convened in Brussels to buy children”: NTV’s proactive disinformation aims at provoking strong emotional reactions.