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Nord Stream 1 & 2 sabotage - disinformation a la MH-17?

While official investigations are underway, the slinging of disinformation on who is to blame is picking up speed with Kremlin accusations in all directions. Patterns are reminiscent of the Kremlin disinformation seeking to shift responsibility for the downing of Malaysian airliner MH-17.

MH17-desinfo sinds start proces

Op 9 maart was de eerste zitting van de rechtszaak MH17. Wat gebeurde er sindsdien op desinformatiegebied? We zien de bekende patronen, en de activiteiten van Alexander Aleksandr Malkevitsj.

MH17, what happened since March?

On March 9th the hearings of the MH17 process started. What happened since then on the disinformation front? There are some regular patterns, and the activities of Alexander Malkevich.