Disinfo: Accusations about Russian military war crimes are unacceptable: a lot of fakes on this topic


The Kremlin considers it unacceptable to accuse the Russian military of crimes during a special operation in Ukraine: there are a lot of fakes on this topic.


Pro-Kremlin disinformation denying atrocities against Ukrainian civilians committed during Russia's war in Ukraine.

Evidence of Russian atrocities in Ukraine is overwhelming.

According to human rights organisations and to the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, the invasion of Ukraine was carried out through indiscriminate attacks and strikes on civilian objects such as houses, hospitals, schools and kindergartens.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 3,942 civilians killed and 4,591 were injured, by 24 May 2022 as reported by the UN mission update, and 258 children have died and more than 427 were wounded, reports the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Here is the short list of crimes committed by Russian military in Ukraine:

a) Use of cluster munitions b) Disrupting humanitarian corridors c) Targeting of nuclear power plants d) Attacks on cultural properties e) Attacks on hospitals and medical care facilities f) Mariupol theatre airstrike, Mariupol hospital airstrike g) Mass shelling of residential areas h) Irpin and Bucha shelling, bombing of Kyiv, Borodianka, Sumy, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Odesa i) Ill-treatment, torture and willful killing of civilians j) Bucha massacre k) Sexual violence etc.

The International Criminal Court prosecutor commenced an investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity that may have occurred during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The ICC started investigations on March 2, 2022, after receiving referrals for the situation in Ukraine from 41 ICC State Parties.

Human Rights violations and war crimes committed by the Russian Army are being investigated also by several international organisations: the OSCE, International Court of Justice, UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, the EU Joint Investigation Team, the Task Force on Accountability for Crimes Committed in Ukraine (an international group of lawyers), in addition to the International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine, created by the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Several states, including Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and Ukraine, announced in March and April 2022 that they would conduct investigations of war crimes in the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine under the universal jurisdiction principle of international humanitarian law.

Read OSCE Report on violations of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity commited in Ukraine since 24 February 2022.

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