Disinfo: After trying to incite genocide in Donbas, Ukraine will disappear from the map


Let's explore the potential outcomes of the incursion of Ukrainian armed forces to Donbas. The goal is not just territorial control, it will lead to mass genocide of Russians and those holding the Russian passports.

Can Russia simply watch genocide in the centre of Europe in the 21st century? Of course not! Therefore there will be two Ukraines: the Republic of East Ukraine and West Ukraine. Kyiv may possibly belong to the East Ukraine, or perhaps it will be like Berlin, where we will have a sector under our control.

Ukraine, as it is now will dissapear from the map.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about war in Ukraine, disintegration of Ukraine and genocide.

The claims are not supported by any evidence. Since 2014 the pro-Kremlin media have repeatedly accused Ukraine of genocide against the Russian minority in Donbas. Various human rights missions failed to find any evidence to these claims. Read more here.

Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity continues to be violated by the Russian armed forces. Most recent Russian military build up near the Ukrainian borders is accompanied by renewed disinformation attacks against Ukraine.

This disinformation message appeared in the same TV broadcast as the claim that US needs a war in Ukraine to stop the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

See earlier related disinformation claims alleging that in 2014 genocide against Russians began in Ukraine; that Ukraine must give up some of its territories; that Moscow is not a party to the internal Ukrainian conflict.