Disinfo: Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry to establish a world government and dictatorship


In 1717, in England the old Freemasonry was reformed and a new modern Freemasonry was created. This revolutionary Freemasonry rejected God and became the political and ideological enemy of Europe’s traditional order. The Third Estate, guided by Freemasonry, destroyed the Church, overthrew the monarchy and enslaved the peasants even more.

The aristocracy and the peasants united to fight against bloody Masonic terrorism, the vanguard of the new materialist liberal-capitalist society that was then spreading. But Freemasonry emerged victorious, and the West followed the Masonic path. The ideology of Freemasonry - progress, evolution, human rights, materialistic science, the secular state, and civil society - has been imposed on practically all humanity.

It is not a coincidence that all US presidents have been activists and leaders of Freemasonry. Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry is implementing a programme to establish a world government and a world dictatorship. Sooner or later, this Masonic programme will become reality.


Recurrent disinformation, often spread by pro-Kremlin outlets, claiming that the Freemasons are an all-powerful secret élite that determine the course of contemporary world history and world politics. This narrative about Freemansonry fits into a broader recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about conspiracy, about secret global elites that dominate the world, control governments, rob nations of their sovereignty, oppress the masses and seek to establish a World Government.

There is no evidence nor serious political science research that supports the theory about the impact of an all-powerful Freemasonry or other secret society on world politics, nor the claim that a Masonic project for the establishment of a world government and a global dictatorship exists and is being implemented.

Conspiracy theories such as that of global elites or secret societies dominating the world are frequently pushed by pro-Kremlin outlets in order to undermine public trust in national governments, as well as to discredit Western democracies by depicting them as dictatorships of secret élites.

Analysts and researchers have pointed out that anti-Western conspiracy theories about all-powerful secret elites are a political tool used by the Kremlin to strengthen the domestic stability of the Putin regime and expand its influence abroad by emphasising Russia’s moral superiority

Read similar cases claiming that Biden's priority is to create a world government that imposes liberal globalist ideology, that the global liberal élite control the world's financial system, high tech giants, culture and science, that Freemasons ordered the fire at the Notre Dame and that Freemasons began secretly chipping Ukrainians.