Disinfo: Al Baghdadi’s death was a trick and he will reappear with a different name


It can’t be known whether the US operation to kill Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi really took place. The Syrian radars didn’t register the US aircraft that allegedly participated in the operation. It may be a trick, and Al Baghdadi will reappear with a different name, as a different individual or the whole Islamic State will reproduce itself when it is convenient for its backers, under a different name but with the same ideology and purpose.


Conspiracy theory perpetuating a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative that the US has created and is supporting terrorist organisations. No evidence is provided to support the claim. This is part of an emerging Russian disinformation strategy to raise doubts about the death of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. Details of the operation to eliminate Al Baghdadi have been confirmed by the Pentagon, the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Iraqi intelligence. Parts of the footage filmed by US troops involved in the operation were recently released by the Pentagon. Other examples of this narrative are claims that instead of being killed he was evacuated by US forces, that he was indeed a US product or that he was acting in Iraq under US protection.