Disinfo: British intelligence services will brainwash children in Ukraine


British intelligence services will brainwash children in Ukraine to tear its population away from Russia. Western experts propose to tear Ukraine away from Russia by “reformatting children”, as well as relying on “active and vigilant citizens who showed themselves during the Maidan and the war in Donbas.”


This is a pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative claiming that the West has aggressive and manipulative intentions towards Ukraine.

This is a wrong and manipulative translation of an expert's comment in a research paper written by Chatham House titled Resilient Ukraine, Safeguarding Society from Russian Aggression and published in June 2020. Western experts are not proposing to "tear Ukraine away from Russia", nor in the text are they are proposing to "develop the rejection of Russia in Ukrainians."

The paper says: "It is crucial to help Ukrainians develop critical thinking and media literacy in order to build a cognitive resilience against disinformation and information manipulation. Courses on this have been successfully piloted in Ukraine and should be scaled up for schools across the country."

The disinformation message also reinforces a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about lost sovereignty, suggesting that the West is aiming to sow discord between Russia and its neighbours.