Disinfo: Democrats lost faith in the ability of Biden to fairly win the elections


Democrats no longer believe in getting Joe Biden into the presidency in a fair manner. They will challenge the results of the vote in the courts. Meanwhile, crowds in the surrounding streets will chant, “Get out, Trump!”


This is a recurring message, consistent with the pro-Kremlin's constant attacks against the US Democratic Party. Quite the contrary to the article's claim, the Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has had a clear advantage in most opinion polls. This also includes polls conducted by organisations such as Fox News, which is known for its support to the Republican party. Fox News polls show that Biden has had an uninterrupted advantage over Trump from at least March 2019 to date. Biden's advantage over Trump reached a peak of 14 percentage points over the reported period. The political situation in the US is frequently depicted as a "colour revolution". Read more here.