Disinfo: Euroliberal activists will soon come to Georgian families to take children from parents


The time will come soon when Euroliberal activists will come to Georgian families to take children from parents. Bullied by Euroliberal mentors the marionette Georgian parliament started hasty adoption of yet another anti-Georgian and anti-state document.

Some time ago, in the West and especially in Europe, neo-liberal globalist propaganda became overwhelming and it made roots so deep in all spheres, including science, art, sport that refuting this ideology actually meant the end of any perspective in everything and everywhere and this resulted in a complete transformation of society. The repressive nature of this ideology became more acute later and the idea of mental revolution was determined at the level of consciousness of every individual, every citizen.

These changes were reflected on different states’ realities. In the beginning the juvenile justice was enforced in several countries of western and central Europe. Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Sweden were the pioneer countries, where this repressive ”liberal” vehicle entered in each family in the form of a law and stripped the parents of their exclusive right to raise a child.

Juvenile repressions made the crime situation in Europe more difficult. As parents are deprived of any educational work with children, crimes committed by adolescents over last years have increased significantly. This indicator increased 20-times even in law obedient Scandinavian countries. Also, there were several cases, when a parent desperate because of the threats of social workers (that they would take away children) tried to commit suicide…

We can simply say that as a result of big efforts and work Europe and the European Union managed to break conservative society. It is true that this process was dragged a bit, but finally they got what they wanted – an inert social mass without honour and memory, which has not moral and values.

As regards Georgia, it is obvious that when Euroliberal Kiladze [Chair of Foreign Relations Committee] says proudly that the aim of this change is equality among the youth we should take into consideration this Western dirt. Why? Because the aim of the West’s slaves and servants in Georgia is the same – to deprive traditional Georgian families of their exclusive right to bring up their own children.


No evidence given, recurring disinformation about EU countries and children.

Crime rates have not increased in Sweden since 1975, which is the only Scandinavian country mentioned in the article.