Disinfo: Europeans are on the verge of the most absolute misery due to a logistics perfect storm


Europeans are on the verge of the most absolute misery due to the double crisis of containers and energy, both at a global level. A perfect storm that will punish mostly European citizens that see how their oligarchies, who control the energetic companies, enrich themselves more and more at the price of the misery and suffering of their citizens. This is not happening because of the madness of European politicians, but due to very specific oligarchic interest groups. Behind this are the same investment funds, the same groups of economic oligarchs that expect to enrich themselves as always on a crisis that implies the poverty of the people.


This is a mix of several recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about an imminent collapse of Europe and about shadow forces that control the world. There is no evidence to back the claim that this situation is the result of deliberate actions by organised groups.

While it is true that the logistics and energetic crises will cause disruptions and harmful situations for many people, there is no reason to think that Europe will be the most affected region, or that will lead to “misery”. In fact, there are elements indicating, unfortunately, that the most vulnerable countries in places like Africa will be hit the hardest.

By mixing the energetic and the logistic crises and blaming them on vague “oligarchic interest groups”, this disinformation narrative also serves to deflect all criticism for any alleged Russian responsibility on the energy crisis, after Moscow ignored calls by the International Energy Agency to send more gas to Europe to help with the lowering of prices. Although Russian authorities have denied using energy as a political weapon, and the gas supply problems are the result of multiple factors, many observers believe that Russia is trying to exploit its energy leverage on Europe for political gains. Russian actions in this regard have been surrounded by a centralised disinformation campaign, of which this article is part.

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