Disinfo: Facts show Bill Gates may be behind the coronavirus pandemic, his medicine already paralysed half a million


This virus, even if it has a natural origin, is needed now by those who develop vaccines, those who are preparing plans for universal vaccination of the world’s population. And of course, this is Bill Gates. Together with his wife, he created a fund and began to send money to create vaccines against various diseases, ranging from AIDS to malaria. One billionaire’s medicine paralysed half a million people. During the campaign against meningitis in Africa, nearly five hundred people developed paralysis. It turns out that the billionaire is sponsoring WHO to reduce the population of the planet. Bill Gates says, yes we have to find a way to digitally identify a person so that we can know about his state of health, about the vaccines that he received, yes, we are exploring the option of creating such nano-microchips, but you guys don’t be afraid of anything, because this is aimed at preserving mankind’s health. The same digital certificates, according to Gates, will be used to record those who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Who do you think is developing the so-called nano-vaccine from COVID-19? Correct. Bill Gates: “It usually takes five years to develop a new vaccine. Now we are busy trying to keep to18 months. If everything is going to be fine, maybe we’ll catch it earlier”. Millions of people around the world saw videos linking Bill Gates to the invention of coronavirus. Many, even famous people, believe that Bill Gates is behind the creation of the coronavirus.


The report contains various unfounded conspiracy claims, clearly presented as "facts" discovered by journalists in the framework of their "investigation". The only support to the claims is that "many people, including famous ones, believe in them" and that millions of people around the world saw videos linking Bill Gates to the invention of coronavirus. However, the scale of the spread of such "news" cannot be its supporting evidence. As Reuters summarises, a viral claim on social media says Bill Gates is planning to use microchip implants to fight coronavirus. Most of the posts say Gates will “launch human-implantable capsules that have ‘digital certificates’ which can show who has been tested for the coronavirus and who has been vaccinated against it.” The claim has been shared at least 1,000 times on Facebook (here , bit.ly/3aoVnIV, here) and at least 3,600 times on Twitter, as of March 27, 2020 ( here, here, here). Gates indeed, has been carrying out philanthropy against viruses for many years. However, linking anybody involved in the fight against viruses as profiting from this work and creating viruses himself, is a conspiracy. Bill Gates, speaking to Chinese CC TV, explained that he intended to do his best; to get the world ready and invest billions of USD into the world's preparation for diseases causing pandemics and "crazy rumours" emerged during the current difficult times. As Reuters notes, Gates did mention the possibility of having a “digital certificate” for health records “eventually,” but he did not say these certificates would be “microchip implants.” Moreover, the coronavirus is not designed, Bill Gates did not patent COVID-19 and there is still no vaccine. Some vaccines work by injecting small doses of parts of a virus in a medically safe way to allow humans blood to develop anti bodies against it. The claims that it is not viruses, but vaccines, that kill and cause diseases, is a conspiracy. Unlike bacteria, viruses are not sensitive to treatment, for example, with antibiotics. Therefore, vaccines were developed by scientists starting in the XVIIIth century. See previous disinformation cases that the new vaccine designed by Bill and Melinda Gates will reduce the Earth's population, that Bill Gates' medicine has already paralysed 496 000 people in India. See more disinformation reports on Bill Gates and George Soros and their debunking. Read more about the "always blame the West" disinformation trend.