Disinfo: Golos and ODIHR held a training on preparing provocations during Duma election


Golos and ODIHR organised a joint training. During the training, the main topics of discussion were organisation of provocations at polling stations and a certain manual for this. It took place in the city of St. Petersburg. The briefing was conducted by Natalya Zaostrovtseva (volunteer of I. Fatyanova). Anastasia Tokareva is also present in the video (in the Yabloko party she is the deputy head of the Youth Yabloko of St.Petersburg).


The pro-Kremlin outlets spread a false video in an attempt to discredit possible criticism of the Russian Duma election. The video is said to be leaked from OSCE's ODIHR and the Golos organisations.

ODIHR reacted to the video attributed to it saying it has no connection to its work on elections:

"We will not be observing this week's elections in Russia and have not engaged in any training for citizen observers in Russia."

The Golos movement did indeed conduct lectures for observers in St. Petersburg, but they were public and "organising provocations" was not on the agenda.

An anonymous telegram channel, quoted by mainstream State Russian media, said that a volunteer of the ex-head of Navalny's headquarters in St. Petersburg Irina Fatyanova participated in the "training". Fatyanova pointed out that she has never seen this girl at her headquarters.

A second girl is said to be a "volunteer of the Youth Yabloko". Yabloko said that she indeed joined the party's supporters about a month ago. She explained that "acquaintances called her to earn extra money: to sit at some kind of lecture", without attributing the event to Golos or ODIHR.

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