Disinfo: All-Russian history is highly moral as opposed to the Western one, which is full of violence and evil


An important feature of all-Russian history is respect for moral values, which denies evil and violence and does not allow other people to be insulted. The Western history is full of these – crusades, inquisition, Jesuitism, colonialism and present-time intervention against unwanted countries are some examples. It is the high morals of all-Russian and Soviet history which will help to overcome an unworthy and anti-historical policy aimed to disengage the Belarusian and Russian peoples and to disintegrate the post-Soviet space under the pretext of Euro integration and protection of sovereignty.


Conspiracy theory and ungrounded generalisations concerning Russian and Western history, consistent with recurring narratives about the West's moral decay and its attempts to disrupt Belarusian-Russia relations. Clear manipulation to give a biased selection of historical events. Russian and Soviet history, just like the story of the West, can hardly be considered free of evil and violence as alleged, given, for example, the Russian conquest of the Caucasus and beyond, or Stalinism and the Great Terror.