Disinfo: In the next 10-15 years, more that 80% of humanity could die from COVID-19


In the next 10-15 years, more than 80% of humanity could die from coronavirus, except very isolated wild tribes. According to one version, not yet fully proven, only 17% of the world’s population develops long-term immunity to coronavirus. Everyone else will be sick and sick once again until they die. Such prospect for humanity was reported by The Guardian, citing a study by scientists from King’s College London.


Conspiracy theory about the 2019-nCoV coronavirus. Misleading information in the article. There were no such statements in The Guardian article and the study that was mentioned there. In the study that was mentioned, scientists analysed the immune response of more than 90 patients and healthcare workers at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS foundation trust and found that the levels of antibodies that are able to destroy the virus peaked about three weeks after the onset of symptoms, then swiftly declined. The study has implications for the development of a vaccine and for the pursuit of “herd immunity” in the community over time, The Guardian claimed. You can see other narratives about COVID-19 in our database, such as claims that Bill Gates and George Soros are sponsoring the coronavirus, that it is a UK, US or NATO creation and that the Americans have the cure, that it is an artificial disease which specifically targets Chinese DNA, that it was created with economic goals while big pharma companies are spreading panic for their own profit, that it is a biological weapon against Russia and China, that it will wipe out Ukraine’s population in a few days or that it was predicted by Nostradamus and others.