Disinfo: Joe Biden planning to find the next victim for the Pentagon to try out new weapons systems


There are rumours that Joseph Biden is planning to put together a team of neocons to find the next victim for the Pentagon to try out new weapons systems, as happened in Kosovo, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine.

With a global pandemic going on, it is irresponsible to foster conflict, hatred and wars, when we should be helping each other out. But certain governments wish to engage in intrusion, aggression, and conflict.


This article repeats the recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the aggressive and dangerous nature of US and Western foreign policies, accused of engaging in military interventions around the world and threatening world peace. The article’s message is also consistent with the ongoing disinformation campaign against President-elect Joe Biden.

There is no evidence that President-elect Joe Biden is planning to set up a group of “neocons” to identify targets for US foreign military interventions nor that he seeks to “foster conflict, hatred and wars”, as the article suggests.

See previous cases claiming that the West causes chaos and wars while Russia is a force for peace and stability and that in the past 30 years all wars have been started by the US or NATO.