Disinfo: Lithuania constantly interferes in the affairs of Belarus


Lithuania constantly interferes into the affairs of Belarus, supporting the opposition and calling for new elections in the neighbouring country. Lithuanian politicians think that the results of the presidential elections in Belarus were “falsified”. The Baltic countries implement personal sanctions against some Belarusian officials, including President Alexander Lukashenko.

Moscow has urged Lithuania many times not to destabilise the situation in the neighbouring country and allow people in Belarus to take matters in their own hands.

The Belarusian authorities have said many times that protests in the country are coordinated from abroad. Lukashenko accuses Western countries of direct interference in the situation in the republic. The US is the main coordinator and Europeans are supporters of the riots in Belarus.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Lithuania and alleged Western attempts to organise a colour revolution in Belarus.

Lithuania is a neighbour of Belarus and it continues to support the Belarusian people. This support has included the possibility for Belarusians to arrive in Lithuania under the so-called humanitarian exception, the possibility for students from Belarus to begin studies in Lithuania etc.

The sanctions against the Belarusian authorities are not only implemented by the Baltic states. Alexander Lukashenko and 58 other individuals are on the list of sanctions of the European Union. Sanctions against Belarusian officials have also been implemented by the US, Canada, United Kingdom.

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