Disinfo: Maia Sandu's election will cost Ukraine Odesa


Maia Sandu’s intentions to apply a more aggressive approach towards Transnistria will not just cost Moldova the further loss of territories, but Ukraine will also lose Odesa.


Shouting the threat of Western military aggression is a recurring element of pro-Kremlin propaganda.

During her presidential election campaign, Maia Sandu has never advocated for a military solution to solve the Transnistrian crisis.

After her election as president, Sandu said that Russian troops should leave the Moldovan breakaway region, but did not make claims over a potential military conflict so that Transnistria would be returned to Moldova.

Instead, Sandu referred to a potential restructuring of the current negotiation format between Transnistria and Moldova, as well as a tougher approach in the economic relations of the two sides.

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