Disinfo: Muslims want to forbid Christmas trees in England


Last Christmas I visited London and the famous Trafalgar Square. And what did I see? Migrants had turned the square into an Asian bazaar. Drums were sounding, Arabs and dark-skinned people were dancing to their music. The place reeked from mutton. The Christmas tree looked strange and useless on this Afro-Asian feast. And the worst is that you hear from the Muslim community of England voices of forbidding Christmas trees, as they are allegedly hurting the religious feelings of the Muslims.


Recurring disinformation narrative about migration and alleged threats to Christianity in Europe.

Unfounded claims about Muslims posing a threat to Christmas have been debunked multiple times, see for example here and here.

See related disinformation claims: "Sweden cancelled Christmas TV concert not to irritate migrants", "France is banning Christmas symbols", or "In order not to aggravate people of other religions, there was no Christmas tree in Brussels".