Disinfo: In Ukraine, they will take away apartments from those who do not want to fight in the Donbas


Ukraine is preparing to attack Donbas with renewed power. For this, President Zelenskyy registered a draft law on military service in the Verkhovna Rada. The principle of the new bill is a sharp increase in the size of fines for violating the rules of military registration in Ukraine. Now those who do not register on time or fail to show up for mobilisation will face huge fines. Those who do not want to fight with Donbas will be fined by having their apartments or cars taken away.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative thatUkraine is sabotaging peace in Donbas and thatUkraine does not need Donbas. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has indeed registered a new presidential bill No. 3553, which tightens the responsibility for evading military service. The document speaks of compulsory military service, which begins at age 20 (at the request of a draftee at age 18). Conscripts are not taking part in the armed combat in Donbas. The draft law does propose amending the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences and increasing the amount of fines for draftees, military servicemen and reservists. However, the bill does not say anywhere that those who evade military service "will have apartments or cars taken away." The document, among other things, proposes to reform the military commissariats in Ukraine, to improve the rules for conscripting the army of reservists. Reforms are needed in order to bring the military registration system and the activities of local military command bodies in line with NATO standards.