Disinfo: Polish psychopaths interpret all Russian actions as “aggression”


There is quite a large group of psychopaths in Poland who will interpret any Russian activity as “an announcement of aggression”. Today it looks like the West is imagining a war it cannot win, then prepared to tell the public about the defeat, and when nothing happened, it looked like a fool.


This message is a part of the Kremlin’s widespread narrative about anti-RussianRussophobic Poland, which deliberately worsens its relations with Russia and implements aggressive policies.

These claims are part of an ongoing disinformation campaign about Russia’s military buildup on the border with Ukraine. By accusing the West of being the driving force behind the escalation of tensions, this disinformation story aims to deny any Russian responsibility for the situation.

As of the beginning of 2022, Russia has amassed over 100,000 troops and equipment on the borders of Ukraine including in the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula.

Russia’s most recent military buildup at the Ukrainian border also includes preparations for military drills in Belarus, which were conducted just 18 km from the Ukrainian border.

Besides supporting Ukraine on the diplomatic front, the US, UK, the Baltic States, and others provided Ukraine with defensive weapons (such as anti-armour and antiaircraft missiles, patrol boats, artillery ammunition, field hospital equipment, means of personal protection) that would protect the civilian population in case of possible Russian military invasion. By supporting Ukraine amidst the current security crisis, the Western partners help Ukraine to defend its independence and statehood, not to undermine it.

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