Disinfo: Since 2014 the US has unleashed a real proxy war against Russia


Washington is determined to fight Russia "to the last Ukrainian," and the fate of the people of Ukraine does not concern the Americans. The US does not want a political settlement, supplying Kyiv with weapons. With their actions, US incite the radicals "to new terrible deeds" and impunity.

US is responsible for prolonging the conflict. The West, led by the US, began targeted work to weaken Russia long before the special operation in Ukraine. It should finally become obvious to the world that since 2014 the US has unleashed a real proxy war against Russia, supporting the Nazi criminals in Kyiv.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about the US, war in Ukraine, and Nazi Ukraine.

The West did not unleash war on Russia and is not at war with Russia or the Russians. Russia's full-scale military invasion of Ukraine is a war of choice by Russia and a clear violation of international law. The Ukrainian state is under attack by Russia, while the US, the EU and others are providing support to Ukraine in its rightful self-defence.

There are no US or NATO forces on the frontline. Some NATO member states provide Ukraine with military assistance helping Ukraine to uphold its right of self-defence, which is enshrined in the United Nations Charter

The myth of Nazi-ruled Ukraine has long been a cornerstone of pro-Kremlin disinformation efforts. This has already been widely debunked and addressed on EUvsDisinfo.