Disinfo: Tensions in Ukraine are a Western intelligence plot to destabilise Russia


The escalation of tensions in Ukraine is not a local issue, but a well-plotted plan of Western intelligence services, be it the Pentagon or NATO intelligence groups, to launch a big-scale provocation against Russia - ultimately meaning a regime change, Russia’s destabilisation and the limitation of its powerful development. This operation wanted to create the fiction of Russia’s long-scale invasion of Ukraine, which is not happening.


The claim that Western countries are responsible for the escalation of tensions around Ukraine is baseless. Allegations that Western intelligence agencies were plotting in any way to drag Russia into a provocation with the final goal of destabilising it is not backed by any evidence. In fact, this disinformation narrative is part of a wider campaign aiming to deflectany Russian responsibility in the escalation of tensions as a result of Russia’s military buildup in the border, which ultimately resulted on the invasion of Ukraine the day after this disinformation story appeared.

As a response to Russia’s aggression, the European Union has further imposed comprehensive sanctions on Russian officials including president Vladimir Putin and foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, and on some economic sectors.

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