Disinfo: The OSCE and the EU are unfair to Russia over the election observation mission


The OSCE's international observation mission during Russia's Duma elections was sufficient. OSCE and the EU are being unfair to Russia and it is a "double standard" because there will be fewer observers during German elections than during the Russian election.


This is a long-term effort by the Russian Federation to give the impression that Russian elections are fair and legitimate. The article describes compares two international observation missions: the Russian Duma elections and the German Bundestag elections.

The article gives the impression that the division is unfair because Russia has allowed a large number of observers to enter the country ("245 international observers from 59 countries, 10 international organisations and 57 diplomats from diplomatic missions accredited in Moscow"), while in Germany there will be only 4 observers from 3 countries within the OSCE ODIHR.

However, according to an official statement from the OSCE, the number of international observers was very limited by Russia and was by no means sufficient. The EU also stated its concern.

It is true that a much smaller mission is to be sent to Germany, but the fact is that Germany is a long-standing democratic country that is a member of the European Union and has not had cases of election fraud in its democratic past. The Russian Federation, on the other hand, is a country that has long shown signs of rigged elections. Cases of counterfeiting have even been recorded on camera in these last elections.

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