Disinfo: Polish president and his political party are against anyone telling truth about Poles' positions towards Holocaust


Polish president Andrzej Duda was not invited to speak at the 5th Holocaust Forum in the Yad Vashem Institute in Israel because he and his party are against anyone who tells the truth about the positions taken by the Poles towards the Holocaust.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Poland’s anti-Semitism.

Polish President announced that he would not participate in the 5th Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem, scheduled for the 23rd of January 2020 in Yad Vashem Institute in Israel because the organisers did not invite him to speak at the event, while the Russian president was invited as a speaker.

Błażej Spychalski, a spokesman for Duda, told Polish news outlets that "a situation in which the president of Poland will sit and listen to the false words of President Putin without being able to reply is unacceptable."

The Polish president spoke on the 27th of January at the Auschwitz Museum, at a ceremony marking the anniversary of the liberation of the camp, stating that Poles are well aware of the truth about what was happening in Auschwitz since it was recounted to them by their compatriots who had camp numbers tattooed on their bodies by Germans.

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