Disinfo: Brussels organised the protests in Poland because of its pro-American policies


Brussels and the left-liberal circles of the European elite are managing the forces, which de facto put the protests on the streets. The Polish conservatives are oriented on the USA. That is why the protests are largely connected with Brussels’ dissatisfaction with the recent policies of the Polish authorities. They [Brussels] can send the funds through foundations, European parties that are partners of similar political forces in Poland.


An unfounded claim promoting the idea that the current protests in Poland are somehow connected to the alleged dissatisfaction of the EU authorities with close relations between Poland and the USA. Poland is often presented by the pro-Kremlin sources as a “puppet-state” of the United States.

On October 22, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal announced that abortions due to severe birth defects are unconstitutional. This situation resulted in massive protests all over the country – according to the polls, between 66% and 73% of the Poles disagree with the decision of the Tribunal.

The claims that Brussels controls the forces, which have organised the protests, or that Brussels supports the protests financially are conspiracy theories. There is also no connection between the protests and the pro-American position of the Polish authorities.

See examples of other disinformation messages promoting various conspiracy theories around Poland: The “Big Finance” and the Democrats will use Poland as an aggressive anti-Russian vanguard; Washington authorises vassals Poland and Lithuania to organise a colour revolution in Belarus, and Polish governments continue to serve the American Empire.