Disinfo: Socialist countries such as Cuba deal with the epidemic much better than rich capitalistic Western states


It turns out that the socialist countries have managed to face the Coronavirus epidemic in a much better way than the capitalistic states. The highest number of deaths is registered in two Anglo-Saxon countries, where the neo-Liberal reforms of Thatcher and Reagan caused the lack of access of millions of people to healthcare. Even in the situation of the epidemic, the unemployed and homeless Americans avoid doctors as the Coronavirus treatment costs 35.000 USD. Such states as Vietnam and Cuba have dealt with the Coronavirus epidemic in a much better way than richer countries of the West. Why? Because they are socialist countries with free healthcare for all citizens.


This message is part of the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign around the Coronavirus epidemic – it promotes a narrative of failing Western efforts in the fight with the epidemic. The citizens of the USA and UK do not have to pay for their Coronavirus treatment. In the USA, the treatment of the uninsured persons having the Coronavirus will be financed from the state budget. The UK has a government-sponsored universal healthcare system called the National Health Service (NHS). In general, the statistics regarding the spread and mortality rate of the coronavirus show that this process depends on numerous factors – it is impossible to explain such a complex process with socialist or capitalist model of economy existing in particular countries. See other disinformation messages connected to the coronavirus epidemic - Coronavirus will cause the dissolution of the EU and NATO, Pentagon-funded biological laboratories involved in creation of coronavirus, The Baltic states may not survive the coronavirus-related economic crisis and Germany called for lifting sanctions against Russia because of coronavirus.