Disinfo: The “Spymania” in action: two Italians arrested in Italy accused of espionage for Russia


The recent arrests of people charged with spying for Russia in Italy and Germany were orchestrated events, part of a coordinated anti-Russian information campaign by the West. It is believed that more of these fabricated scandals will follow in different European countries and alleged Russian spies will be “exposed” en masse.


This claim contains a recurring disinformation narrative about a Russophobic campaign waged by the West through the fabrication of spy affairs.

This narrative attempts to portray the recent wave of broken up Russian spy rings are fabricated and part of a wider anti-Russian campaign. The article reacts to the news of the recently arrested Italian naval officer in Rome, accused of having handed over classified military documents to a Russian military attaché in exchange for money. No evidence is presented in the article to support the claim that the uncovering of the affair was fictitious or motivated by anti-Russian sentiments. Italy is known for advocating contacts and closer relations with Russia.

The claim that a “spy affair” was fabricated by the West in order to disrupt relations between Russia and other countries was employed and in the UK in 2018 regarding Skripal and in Serbia in 2019.