Disinfo: The Tavistock Institute is involved in supporting colour revolutions


The Tavistock Institute in London is largely responsible for the proliferation of perverts all over the world, under the smokescreen of tolerance. The Tavistock Institute, which conducts rather serious work in the fields of social engineering and manipulation, is also currently involved in supporting colour revolutions.


Conspiracy theory. The claim advanced recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives that certain Western organisations exercise an enormous amount of secret influence on global affairs. Pro-Kremlin outlets have singled out various organisations as alleged secret centres of global power. For example, the Bilderberg Group is often depicted by pro-Kremlin conspiracy theories as a secret “world government”. The London-based Tavistock Institute has been depicted by some pro-Kremlin outlets as a secret organisation that shapes and controls global culture and public opinion. For example, such outlets have alleged that the Tavistock Institute created the Beatles and the subculture of rebellion, drugs and sexual permissiveness surrounding them. These narratives relayed by pro-Kremlin media are based on a number of conspiracy theories about the Tavistock Institute developed by Western authors. These conspiracy theories are completely devoid of any factual basis. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a not-for-profit organisation specialised in applying social science to contemporary issues and problems, especially in the field of management and organisational theory and practice. The institute, a spin-off from the psychoanalytically oriented Tavistock Clinic, was established in 1947. The aim was to apply wartime breakthroughs in large-scale social psychiatry, pioneered in the army, to peacetime issues - notably the effectiveness of organisations. The article also contains the recurrent pro-Kremlin narrative portraying the West as depraved, an immoral actor that fights against traditional values, promoting deviant sexual behaviour and endangering societies and imposing the same in other countries. See a previous case claiming that satanic and criminal Western élites promote sexual perversions.