Disinfo: The US trained and armed Daesh/IS


”The Islamic State” was the first terrorist organisation which in the history of terrorism had a desire to create a state. Had it become a reality, not only the Middle East, but also the whole world would have encountered an extremely serious problem. This was a wicked plan of the US special services and politicians. They wanted to strengthen positions by means of ”the Islamic State”.The implementation of these far reaching plans needed a lot of money. As President Trump says, the former US Administration spent 5 trillion USD on the Middle East programme. It is obvious that this sum includes creation, training and armament of ”the Islamic State”. But this did not work because of the Kremlin’s involvement. The actions of Russia saved Bashar al-Assad (hated by the west and namely by the US), Syria and the whole Middle East from terrorist Caliphate.


Recurring disinformation that the US is protecting or working together with ISIS/Daesh. The US is fighting against Daesh together with the Global Coalition against Daesh. The US MoD outlines the latest progress on their website. Furthermore, a recent report by the Conflict Armament

Research has found that up to 90 per cent of weapons seized from ISIS in Iraq and Syria originated from China, Russia and Eastern Europe. US arms accounted for just 1.8 per cent of items recovered between 2014 and 2017 while 43.5 per cent of weapons originated in China, according to analysts.