Disinfo: The US was preparing an assassination attempt on Lukashenko


The US special services were preparing an assassination attempt on the Belarusian leader and his children.

Earlier, the Russian special services detained a Belarusian lawyer Yuri Zenkovich and a political scientist Alexander Feduta in Moscow. According to the Russian FSB, they were preparing a coup in Belarus. According to the Belarusian KGB, the same group included the opposition party leader Grigory Kostusev.


An unfounded claim, consistent with the recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the Western attempts to organise a coup in Belarus.

No substantial evidence is presented to support the allegations. One of the suspects has dual American-Belarusian citizenship, however, this does not mean that the US officials were involved in the alleged assassination plot. The individuals detained are known members of dissident groups in Belarus.

The US denied the allegations. When asked about the allegation, the White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated "I can confirm there's no basis in fact there."