Disinfo: The West will organize events to discredit elections in Russia


On the eve of the elections to State Duma, one can expect timed "events" from the Western countries, including those with state support, says representative of Russian MFA Maria Zakharova.

Those events will be linked not simply to some ideological demands directed at our country from the Western capitals, but directly [linked] to the election of the legislative assembly of the Russian Federation. We will tell you a lot of interesting things about it.


Unfounded claim, based on recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about belligerent West and encircled Russia. No evidence is provided to support claims.

This 'forecast' borrows elements from the 'Straw Man' cheap trick of arguments - see our account of this here.

This disinformation claim appeared in the context of upcoming legislative elections in Russia, in September 2021.

See related disinformation claims, alleging that The West wants to influence elections in Russia and supports anti-State powers; West trying to interfere in Russia’s legislative elections; For the West, Russian elections will always be "bad".