Disinfo: The World Economic Forum aims to reduce the human population


The World Economic Forum (WEF) aims to reduce the human population to 1 billion “chosen” people because there are not enough places and sources in the world for the whole population. For this, the WEF created a “Reset” plan. The plan is in the implementation stage through wars and pandemics, using the poison named “COVID-19 vaccine”.


Recurring conspiracy theory about the so-called “Reset” plan.

The claim is presented without any evidence. The World Economic Forum is a well-known independent international organisation. As mentioned in the programme of the Forum's 2023 Annual Meeting, the current event addresses different crises, including the war in Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic. The agenda of the Forum “will have the dual focus of looking at levers to address the current challenges while at the same time setting them against the backdrop of attendant system transformation imperatives”.

A conspiracy theory about ”the Great Reset”, the so-called global plan to change the world in the interest of ”economic elites”, is still repeated periodically, even if it was debunked in November 2020 by BBC's reality check.

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