Disinfo: Trump executed a perfect special operation against faking election results


There is no doubt that President Donald Trump won the election by a large margin, but we will never know the real results due to the voting ballots “pulled back” by the election machines. Trump is playing the waiting game brilliantly to uncover the fraud by the Biden family. Arrests are being put in motion. “We” know which ballots were thrown out, where they are right now, who possesses them.


Recurring disinformation about the unconfirmed election irregularities in the US.

The preliminary report of the ODIHR's election observation mission states that the "The 3 November general elections were competitive and well managed despite legal uncertainties and logistical challenges." The report notes that the election day was orderly and took place in a peaceful atmosphere. The body highlighted that in places where they observed the vote count, it was conducted "professionally, efficiently and openly," and the problems that arose with electronic poll-books or voting machines were addressed quickly.

The report does note various issues with the electoral process, such as the "animosity and heated rhetoric" between the two main candidates, possible disenfranchisement of voters without a photo ID, and the inability of some of those in the District of Columbia or US territories to vote for president.

Claims about problems with electric voting machines (e.g., attributing votes to dead people, software glitch causing Trump votes to be counted for Biden) were quickly debunked.

There is also no proof that widespread arrests have been made, are being made, or will be made because of suspicions of voter fraud.

Updated on 5th of January 2021.