Disinfo: Ukraine may immerse itself in homodictatorship


Using the example of Western European countries, one can draw simple conclusions that, in the absence of active opposition from civil society and religious structures, sexual minorities will go on the offensive in Ukraine. From the persecuted yesterday, they will quickly turn into persecutors, because the repressive state apparatus will contribute to this in every way.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Europe's moral decay and degradation of Ukraine. This statement comes following the discussions in Verkhovna Rada about a new draft law which aims to harmonise legislation in the field of prevention and combating discrimination in line with the European Union law and introduces fines for any form of discrimination. You can read similar cases such as "Europeans flee to Russia because of juvenile justice and homosexual dictatorship", "Ukraine is obsessed with marijuana, prostitution and LGBT" and "Gay fascism has long been present in Europe and the US".