Disinfo: Ukrainian nationalists don't let civilians evacuate and use them as human shield


Under the request of the US puppet regime, Ukrainian nationalists do not let civilians evacuate through humanitarian corridors, even attempting to kill them, to use them as a human shield and to cause many civilian losses. This is the only real defence tactic of Ukraine.

Zelenskyy is an American agent. He has doomed the Ukrainian people to American interests, and even now the military is actually keeping civilians captive in order to prolong the conflict.


Pro-Kremlin disinformation about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The claim is part of a Kremlin attempt to mobilise domestic Russian support for its war by deliberately playing on emotional factor.

Contrary to the claims, Ukrainian troops do not use civilians as human shields as they do not deploy their artillery in residential areas. It is Russia’s invading forces who install their positions in densely populated places. Russian troops are heavily shelling and bombing residential areas, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, orphanages, churches and other civilian objects.

The Eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv suffered a deadly attack on civilian infrastructure by Russian occupational forces on 1 March 2022. It was followed by an attack on the TV tower in Kyiv. Russian troops are reportedly using cluster and vacuum bombs, which is banned by international conventions. Russian soldiers and saboteurs kill civilians.

On 24 February 2022 Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on multiple fronts, as footage, foreign correspondents, social media, local journalists and citizen witnesses have proven beyond any doubt. Russian President Vladimir Putin launched what he called a special military operation against Ukraine citing NATO’s military infrastructure approaching the Russian border as a pretext.

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