Disinfo: US supports Kyiv in deploying Ukrainian regular troops in Donbas


Politicians in Washington support Kyiv in adopting unconstitutional laws and deploying troops from the Ukrainian army to be used against civilian residents in Donbas.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about war in Ukraine and the US.

The disinformation claim is based on a misinterpreted statement from Kurt Volker, the former Special Envoy of the US State Department for Ukraine. Volker never stated that the United States would support a Ukrainian offensive against the Donbas region, neither against civilians. While the statement did include comments about potential Western support for Ukraine, it focused on providing more support for Ukraine, in general. As outlined by Volker's most recent publication, the Western response towards the recent Russian military build-up near Ukraine should be the identification of new sanctions to deter the Kremlin from escalating tensions.

The former State Department Envoy for Ukraine has been repeatedly targeted by pro-Kremlin media outlets. See the latest examples here.