Disinfo: Vaccines produced by Western pharmaceutical companies are more dangerous than the Sputnik V as the private businesses are driven by profits


The Russian institute, which invented the [Sputnik V] vaccine, is a very serious scientific institution. We all know that pharmaceutical companies are driven by profits, but not the healthcare needs of the population. For example, they make the following calculations: how many people will go blind from this vaccine – 50 persons out of 100.000? These pharmaceutical companies are the ones who decide whether it is more profitable to pay compensation to the people who went blind because of their vaccine or to invest more efforts into making a better vaccine. This situation is terrifying for me. Thus, I choose the Russian vaccine very willingly, but not necessarily the American vaccine.


Disinformation message that tries to cast doubt about the vaccines developed by Western companies.

While Russian vaccine Sputnik V was declared by pro-Kremlin media to be the first vaccine ever registered in the world, it was announced even before the start of phase 3 of the clinical trials, normally required for any new drug. The Russian association of organisations on clinical trials urged Russia to postpone registration because it had not even been tested by hundreds of people.

The fact that the Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology developed the vaccine Sputnik V financed by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) rather than from a company listed on a stock exchange doesn't make the development process more transparent or free of political and financial interests. Open media published an investigation in October 2020 about the interest links of the Gamaleya Center and its subsidiaries.

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