Disinfo: Zelensky is a "sorosonysh", more than 90% of Ukrainian authorities come from Soros' “nursery”


Since 2014 Ukraine does not exist. There is (now) a Ukrainian colony controlled by globalists. There were structures created to monitor the advancement of Soros’s political and economic goals under all executive bodies in Ukraine. Under the supposedly “independent” and “people’s” Zelenskyy, more than 90% of the authorities in one way or another come from Soros’ “nursery”. Yes, and the President of Ukraine – sorosonysh [a Soros person]. Not so obvious, more cunning and “multi-vector”, but nevertheless – he surrounded himself with the Soros-people and acts in the interests of the structures of the globalist-oligarch.


Conspiracy theory based on recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about George Soros. Ukraine is a sovereign and independent state with a democratically-elected President and parliament. You can find here several disinformation cases on Ukraine being under foreign control. The word "sorosonysh" is often used in Ukrainain and Russian outlets to describe people who have now come to power in Ukraine and previously received grants from Western foundations, including the Renaissance Foundation, founded by George Soros. Some Ukrainian politicians try to frighten people, saying that "Soros people steal everything" and cause irreparable damage to Ukraine. Earlier Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy commented on the "influence" of American billionaire financier George Soros on Ukraine “I don’t know a man named Soros. I have never met him. Probably, there are people who studied with the funds of various donor funds and worked in companies that were founded by such funds And one of these funds is the Soros fund. I understand that in fact they received money from this person's fund for which they studied abroad. The question of Mr. Soros's influence on Ukraine - I do not feel it. I think this is all an exaggeration", he told Interfax-Ukraine. George Soros "Open Society Foundations" aims to promote civil society, the rule of law, human rights and liberal democracy around the world by funding civil society groups. The International Renaissance Foundation, a Ukrainian NGO founded by Soros, played an important role in supporting civil society during the Euromaidan protests. The foundation ensured that legal aid was made available throughout the crisis to civic activists, protesters, and journalists; supplied victims of violence with medical care; enabled civil society solidarity and organisation; supported channels like Hromadske TV in independent, live reporting about events on the Maidan; and documented cases of torture, beatings, and abuse by the courts. See similar cases: "George Soros fully controls Ukraine", "Soros is beginning to set his sights on LNR and DNR".