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Satan’s Little Helpers

Satan’s Little Helpers

This holiday season, Kremlin propagandists see Satan everywhere they look, except within their own ranks and in the actions of their armed forces.

I know you are, but what am I? I know you are, but what am I?

Pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets try to deflect the blame for Russia's terrorist actions in Ukraine and recycle previously used false narratives about biological weapons

The Little Tractor that Could The Little Tractor that Could

Two Polish citizens lost their lives because of Russia’s continuing military aggression against Ukraine and their reckless missile strike campaign against civilians and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

“All quiet on the Western Front”… “All quiet on the Western Front”…

In Kremlin minds, things are unchanged: ‘the US wants to destroy Russia’, ‘Zelenskyy is a Nazi aiming to please the West, ready to drop dirty bombs’. War is glorious and becoming the new normal in Russia.

Explosive words on dirty bombs Explosive words on dirty bombs

Over the past week, Kremlin top officials and pro-Kremlin outlets resurfaced a washed-out and distinctly appalling disinformation claim. Namely, Kyiv will supposedly detonate a dirty bomb or a radiological weapon and then blame the disaster on Russia.

The joy of bombing The joy of bombing

After weeks of having to gloss over set-backs on the frontlines in Ukraine, Russian state outlets have found a perverse joy in showcasing indiscriminate drone and missile strikes against Ukrainian civilian infrastructure. When Russia attacks, it is ‘rightful self-defence’, but when Ukraine strikes, it is ‘terror and war crimes’.

Firing missiles while talking peace Firing missiles while talking peace

Pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets openly call for revenge and retaliation in the aftermath of the Crimean Bridge explosion, urging Russia to commit more war crimes against Ukrainian civilians.

No Way Back No Way Back

Putin’s illegal annexations announcement speech took us on a mind-bending ride into an alternative reality and his followers off the cliff with him.

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