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15.07.2017 A high-ranking source close to the Kremlin claims that the...
  • mediafax.ru
Russia, Germany, Poland
16.07.2017 There is a need to erase Lithuania from the map
  • xportal.pl
Lithuania, Poland
17.07.2017 Ukraine is controlled politically and economically by the Jews and...
  • gazetawarszawska.com
Ukraine, US, Poland
06.09.2017 If the country refuses to join the EU, it is punished with a Maidan
  • Argumenty i Fakty v Moldove
Hungary, Cyprus, Greece, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland
09.09.2017 Ukrainian arms flood into Poland
  • polskaniepodlegla.pl
Ukraine, Poland
10.09.2017 Poland was the initiator of the WWII
  • vesti.ru
Russia, Poland
21.09.2017 Latvia and Estonia have claims for Russian territories, Poland wants to seize Ukraine and Belarus, Romania Transnistria
  • TVC
Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, Estonia, Belarus, Poland
04.10.2017 Washington has designed a plan to disintegrate and rob Europe, that's why the US is afraid of Russia creating an alliance with Europe
  • Vremya pokazhet @Pervyi kanal
  • 16:35
US, Poland
08.10.2017 Thousands of Polish Christians prayed against the islamisation of Europe
  • breitbart.com
10.10.2017 Ukrainian diaspora has held a meeting in Crimea and signed a resolution calling on Ukrainians to unite with Russians in Crimea
  • Ria Novosti - Crimea
Italy, Moldova, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland