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Date Title Outlets Country
21.10.2020 JIT's goal was not to establish facts but to substantiate accusations against Russia
  • PolitPuzzle
Russia, Ukraine, The Netherlands
19.10.2020 The Germans supported Russia's withdrawal from consultations about MH17
  • GosNovosti
Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, The Netherlands
14.10.2020 Poland and Ukraine have a “slave syndrome” towards Russia, trying to harm their former Master
  • Sputnik Poland
Russia, Ukraine, Poland
13.10.2020 Donbas is Russia and it must return to its natural border
  • News Front - Russian
Russia, Ukraine
06.10.2020 Ukraine violates the Ottawa Convention
  • News Front - Russian
05.10.2020 Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is a Russophobic and anti-Orthodox tool
  • novorosinform.org
05.10.2020 Ukrainian nationalists will be sent to fight in Nagorno-Karabakh
  • Donbass Today
  • antimaydan.info
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine
04.10.2020 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict leads to more tensions in the Donbas
  • News Front - Hungarian
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia
30.09.2020 The MH17 case is being dragged out due to new facts proving Moscow's innocence
  • ytro.ru
Russia, The Netherlands
23.09.2020 Navalny was not poisoned before the plane landed in Omsk according to a French journalist
  • News Front - French
  • Donbass Insider
  • Donbass Insider
  • inosmi.ru
  • Donbass Insider
  • ria.ru
  • ria.ru
  • vz.ru
  • rossaprimavera.ru