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Date Title Outlets Country
01.12.2015 Жидобандеровцы - Jewish "banderites"
  • Soldatskaya Pravda - YouTube
27.11.2015 THIS WEEK'S TREND: Turkobanderites: jihadists are fighting in Ukraine
  • vesti.ru
Turkey, Ukraine
27.11.2015 Kyiv is governed by fascists
  • News Front - YouTube, Russian
26.11.2015 THIS WEEK'S TREND: The Russian pilot was killed by Turkish...
  • kp.ru
Turkey, Russia
25.11.2015 After Maidan, Ukraine is ruled by the Nazis
  • Krasnoye TV - YouTube
22.11.2015 "They already brought Nazis to us, to the border of...
18.11.2015 Europe sees the danger from Ukrainian terrorists and fascists
  • Odna Rodyna - YouTube
Ukraine, Poland
12.11.2015 Fascism is openly spread in Ukraine
  • Information Agency of the Russian Public Movement “Revival. Golden age"
12.11.2015 This Week's Trend: Right-wing regime came to power in Kyiv
  • newcoldwar.org
08.11.2015 Ukrainian nationalists were never independent, they had to be guided...
USSR, Russia, Ukraine, US, Germany