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20.08.2020 West will falsely accuse Russia of poisoning Navalny, as with Skripal and Litvinenko
  • Vesti FM - YouTube
  • Polnyi contact - Radio Vesti
UK, Russia
22.01.2020 There is no investigation and trials on Litvinenko and Skripals cases
  • Polnyi kontakt @ Radio Vesti time 34:50-35:35
UK, Russia
18.04.2016 The US and the EU use international law in their...
  • kommersant.ru
Russia, US
16.03.2016 The UK's foreign policy is driven by superiority and humiliation
  • Artur Atayev (Head of Sector
  • Caucasian Studies
  • Russian Institute for Strategic Studies) on Yury Kotenok's video blog
  • 0:40
UK, Russia
22.01.2016 The Russians could not have killed Litvinenko, it must have...
  • nwoo.org
UK, Russia
25.11.2016 The Alexander Litvinenko case was politicized
  • RIA Novosti
02.09.2020 Real aim of German statement on Navalny's poisoning is to impose new sanctions
  • Sputnik Italia
Russia, Germany
07.03.2018 Pointing a finger at Russia regarding Russian ex-spy poisoning is Russophobia
  • 60 minutes @Rossiya 1
UK, Russia
12.09.2018 Neither the USSR nor the post-Soviet Russia has ever killed their opponents, so nobody can blame Moscow for poisoning the Skripals.
  • ‘Vremya pokazhet’ @ Pervyi kanal
  • time 08:30
USSR, Russia
15.10.2018 MI5 linked to the murders of Boris Berezovsky, Badri Patarkatsishvili and former KGB agents
  • Pervyi Kanal
UK, Russia