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01.03.2016 The USA do not pay attention to Ukraine, the United...
  • Vremya Pokazhet
  • 18:15
  • 19:10
Ukraine, US
08.03.2016 Ukraine is an artificial nation
16.03.2016 The EU and the US are abandoning Ukraine
  • Yuri Kot - YouTube
Ukraine, US
04.07.2016 The West does not care about Ukraine anymore, everyone has...
  • Vremya Pokazhet
  • 11:40
14.08.2016 The EU and the USA are going to hand Ukraine...
  • Golospravdy.com
Russia, Ukraine, US
23.06.2017 Poland wants to close the border with Ukraine
  • tvzvezda.ru
Ukraine, Poland
22.08.2017 Kyiv will not receive real assistance from Europe
  • Sputnik Moldova - Russian
Moldova, Ukraine
06.09.2017 US and the EU are ready to give up Ukraine in exchange for Russia's help with North Korea
  • NTV - YouTube
North Korea, Russia, Ukraine, US, Germany
13.09.2017 EU may solve Ukrainian issue without Ukraine
  • Ekonomika Segodnya
Russia, Ukraine
19.09.2017 OSCE has changed its attitude towards the question of Crimea
  • Ria Novosti
Russia, Ukraine