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04.02.2020 Wuhan coronavirus is a biological weapon and the WHO knows it
  • NewsFront Spanish
01.04.2020 USAID is a CIA-affiliated terror group that created the coronavirus
  • Journal of New Eastern Outlook
China, US
21.06.2019 US-funded laboratories for the testing biological weapons are emerging in Russia’s neighborhood
  • Sputnik Spain
US, Georgia
08.06.2020 US tests ethnic weapons against Slavs in its biolabs in Ukraine
  • Sputnik France
  • News Front - French
  • ria.ru
  • tass.ru
Ukraine, US
27.05.2020 US tests biological weapons on Ukrainians to further attack Russia
  • Tsargrad TV
Russia, Ukraine, US
21.06.2020 US surrounds Russia with biological laboratories for a future attack
  • Tsargrad TV
Russia, Ukraine, US
05.08.2020 US prepares for bacteriological warfare with Russia
  • News Front - Russian
Russia, US
14.09.2018 US prepares biological weapons against Russia
  • tvzvezda.ru
Russia, US, Georgia
08.02.2020 US military might have released the coronavirus to challenge China
  • Voenaia Taina @ Ren.tv time 22:05-22:57
China, US
13.05.2020 US might be developing weaponised insects; Pentagon's biolabs must be investigated
  • Journal of New Eastern Outlook - Russian
  • Journal of New Eastern Outlook