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27.05.2018 Yulia Skripal's statement like a hostage video
  • Itogi Nedeli @NTV
  • (00:02:20)
UK, Russia
07.02.2019 Yulia Skripal was raped and is pregnant
  • Utro.ru Vista News Vecher s Vladimirom Solovjovym on Rossiya 1 @ timing 01:30
UK, Russia
10.04.2018 Yulia Skripal was kidnapped by the British secret service
  • aeronet.cz
UK, Russia
04.03.2019 Yulia Skripal is in a maternity hospital
  • Sputnik Georgia
UK, Russia
04.03.2019 Yulia Skripal in maternity hospital for 1.5 months now, pregnant since April 2018
  • Sputnik Georgia
UK, Russia
03.05.2018 Yulia and Sergey Skripal were kidnapped by the British government
  • vlasteneckenoviny.cz
UK, Russia
05.03.2019 Yulia and Sergey Skripal held hostage in UK
  • Sputnik
UK, Russia
15.03.2018 With the Skripal case, the West aims to make Russia unable to oppose the dictate of the US and its European allies
  • Vecher s Vladimirom Solovyovym @Rossiya 1
  • 12:00
Russia, US
18.03.2018 With the Skripal case UK aims to talk up the Russian threat and justify more troops in the Baltics, where the far right is busy rewriting history
  • Itogi Nedeli @NTV
  • 48:45
UK, Russia, Baltic states
09.04.2018 White Helmets are the Islamic State's fire brigade
  • 60 minut @Rossiya 1
  • 00:01
  • 00:29