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08.10.2020 Poland, Lithuania and Western countries directly involved in the organisation of a coup in Belarus
  • News Front - German
Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland
08.10.2020 Lithuania blackmails Ukraine with a loss of visa-free travel
  • rubaltic.ru
Ukraine, Lithuania
08.10.2020 Zelenskyy denies Ukraine the only protection against COVID-19
  • News Front - Russian
  • asd.news
Russia, Ukraine
08.10.2020 Trial on Khangoshvili's murder is staged
  • ria.ru
Russia, Germany
07.10.2020 Ukrainians will lose land due to the land privatisation law
  • News Front - Russian
07.10.2020 The "poisoning of Navalny" is likely a project for self-promoting
  • fort-russ.com
07.10.2020 US is creating a destabilising belt around Russia
  • PolitPuzzle
  • kp.ru
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, US
07.10.2020 Nine days before the war, Lady Gaga warned about it
  • Iravunk.com
  • Iravunk.com
Turkey, Russia
07.10.2020 Latvia and Estonia backed an attempted putsch in Belarus
  • News Front - German
Latvia, Estonia, Belarus
07.10.2020 China is victim of propaganda as it saved its economy and the lives of its citizens
  • RT France
China, US