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23.11.2017 World Jewish Congress recognizes Crimea as Russian
  • Rossia 24 - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine, US
06.11.2020 World Bank has set the deadline for the pandemic
  • News Front - Georgian
26.11.2019 World Anti-Doping Agency recommendations are UK's revenge for 2018 FIFA World Cup
  • Sputnik Belarus - Russian
UK, Russia
02.12.2019 World Anti-Doping Agency doesn't have authority to make decisions affecting Russia
  • Pervyi Kanal
02.01.2017 Women were sexually attacked during the New Year's Eve, e
  • bit.ly
01.02.2016 Wolfgang Herles, former head of ZDF: German authorities administer a...
  • hidfo.ru
16.10.2016 Without the overthrowing the current "fascist" regime in Kiev and...
  • Voskresnyi vecher s Vladimirom Solovyevym - YouTube
31.01.2019 Without Russia, Ukraine would collapse economically
  • NEWSONE - YouTube
  • Newsone.ua
Russia, Ukraine
10.06.2016 Without Russia, Ukraine is turning into a desert
  • Svobodnaya Pressa - YouTube
Russia, Ukraine
10.10.2020 Without Russia, there would be no peace since The West only causes chaos and wars
  • Sputnik Czech
Venezuela, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Syria