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30.11.2020 A civil war began in Ukraine after the clique seized power in the country
  • asd.news
30.11.2020 By supporting protesting Belarusians Lithuania hopes to get more money from Brussels
  • Sputnik Lithuania
EU, Lithuania, Belarus
29.11.2020 Germany depends on the US in the sphere of security
  • Sputnik Lithuania
US, Germany
29.11.2020 Pfizer used to fake clinical trials, from their reputation we can expect anything
  • Rossia 24 - YouTube
29.11.2020 Too expensive for the Baltic States to synchronise their energy grids with Europe
  • Sputnik Lithuania - Russian
EU, Latvia, Baltic states, Estonia, Lithuania
29.11.2020 Sandu wants to arrange a second Karabakh in Transnistria
  • Bloknot Moldova
Moldova, Russia
28.11.2020 There is no evidence of Holodomor in Ukraine, it was a US tool against the USSR
  • novorosinform.org
Russia, Ukraine, US
28.11.2020 No pro-Kremlin oligarchs exist in Russia
  • Sputnik Greece
28.11.2020 Ukraine demonstrated an "attack" on Russia
  • lenta.ru
Russia, Ukraine
27.11.2020 The West has undermined the OPCW for a long time
  • addiyar.com
  • akhbarak.net
  • alhilalalyoum.com
  • almehwartoday.com
  • almehwartoday.com
  • althurya.net
  • Sputnik Arabic
  • baladi-news.com
  • iraqnews-in.com
  • Klyoum.com
  • lebanon.shafaqna.com
  • lomazoma.com
  • nabd.com
  • nabd.com
  • New Hub
  • New Hub
  • nuomnews.com
  • suhufnet.net
  • zaitunagency.net
Russia, Syria